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A lecture by Miri Michaeli and Moshe Klughaft

What will politics and the media look like

in the age of AI?

The "Black Mirror" Effect

Moshe Klughaft and Miri Michaeli have already seen it all: 

Michaeli interviewed the world's greatest leaders; Klughaft advised presidents, chancellors, and prime ministers. 

But nothing prepared the people they worked with for the age of AI—the age of the fourth industrial revolution. Today, they are founders and partners in ACT NEWS, the international AI news company. ​ 

So, what is it like behind the scenes in the media? How do the country's leaders really behave when the door closes? How will the age of AI change everything? And how is this related to the "Black Mirror" series?​ 

Miri Michaeli has been an Israeli journalist for 17 years, working on Israel’s leading television channels. She was the news dispatcher in Europe and interviewed the world's most influential leaders.  Now, she is co-founder and presenter at ACT NEWS, an international AI news venture.

Moshe Klughaft, one of the world's top strategists, has worked with ten different heads of state, including the Chancellor of Austria, the Prime Minister of Greece, the President of Georgia, the President of Kosovo, the Prime Minister of Romania, Prime Ministers of Israel Netanyahu and Bennett and more. He was chosen as one of the 50 most influential Jews in the world alongside Ronald Lauder, Jared Kushner, and Natan Sharansky, and is a commentator on the show "Meet the Press".

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