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Miri Michaeli

Journalist, communicator, lecturer, facilitator and social activist.

Miri Michaeli is an accomplished Israeli journalist and TV presenter, currently hosting the morning show for Channel 13. She is also an avid public speaker, busy lecturer and events MC.

Michaeli’s 17 years of experience on Israeli TV have also included anchoring the Channel 12 morning show, serving as the Europe correspondent for Channel 10 News, and reporting as Channel 10’s health and medical correspondent. These roles have placed her in a position to cover and report on screen many of the major news developments of our time both in Israel and globally.

In addition, Michaeli has shown a penchant for journalistic work that captivates her audience. Domestically, Michaeli exposed the lies of the well-known "Tinder Swindler' in a special interview that gained global reach. While reporting from London, Michaeli, then heavily pregnant with her first child, captured with a hidden camera tube passengers largely ignoring a standing pregnant woman, a story that became viral globally and sparked a vigorous debate in Britain, which led to a campaign by then mayor and now former PM, Boris Johnson.

Alongside her work on TV, Michaeli has also become a leading voice against domestic abuse in Israel and an activist in that field since sharing her personal story. She also spends time and invests effort as an advocate for Israel and a passionate fighter of antisemitism.

Michaeli received her B.A. from Tel Aviv University, majoring in political science, as well as a B.A. in journalism from the Koteret School of Journalism.

Michaeli is married and the mother of 3 Israeli-American children.





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