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Co-founder at ACT NEWS,

News initiative in AI.

Journalist, communicator and lecturer.

Miri Michaeli

Miri Michaeli is a co-founder, presenter at ACT NEWS, an international AI news venture. 

Michaeli has been an Israeli journalist for the past 17 years on leading television channels in Israel. In recent years, Michaeli has presented numerous current affairs programs, special news broadcasts, and election coverage on Channels 13 and 12. She has also published investigative articles and a feature stories on main news editions. Michaeli was also the European correspondent during the period of terrorist attacks and the rise of ISIS, and during that time, she interviewed many world leaders, including Boris Johnson and Angela Merkel.

Among her journalistic achievements are dozens of exclusive stories, including a notable interview with the Tinder swindler, an investigation into contaminated meat that led to changes in meat supervision policy in Israel, and interviews with Hollywood celebrities such as Meryl Streep, Woody Allen, Helen Mirren, Adam McKay, Mark Ruffalo, Ben Stiller, and more.

Miri Michaeli gives lectures on communication topics in the AI world and moderates conferences, events, and gala evenings in Hebrew and English for organizations and companies worldwide.

Michaeli is also socially active and focuses on the issue of domestic abuse, particularly in identifying warning signs of abusive relationships. She advocates for raising awareness and implementing initiatives to protect women at risk and promote women’s rights.

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